The 5 Pledges of 1776 American Empowered 

Note:  The purposes of our pledges are to allow for dialog to be open. Belittling someone when talking to them does not constitute a conversation. The spirit of conversation is to allow for growth and to exchange knowledge. The spirit of yelling is no longer neutral. It is offensive.

1st Pledge – Be loyal to The Constitution, to The Declaration of Independence, and to our country.

2nd Pledge—Treat others with courtesy and respect.

  • Listen to someone without interruption.
  • Acknowledge that you heard what they said.
  • Ask questions to understand what you heard.
  • When responding – think before you speak and speak respectfully

3rd Pledge—Be accountable for your actions. 

“I hold myself responsible for what I say and what I do with no exception.”

4th Pledge—Respect everyone’s religious freedoms to worship as they wish or please.

5th Pledge – To bring back honor to our country.