Freedoms Foundation

Our Mission

At Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, we “create and build an understanding of the spirit and philosophy of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

We motivate Americans to serve a cause greater than themselves, inspired by the wisdom and good will of founders who could disagree yet still join together in common cause. Here, thousands of students and teachers study not only what is expected of government, but also what is required of good citizens. They discuss their rights and their responsibilities. They learn that the spirit and philosophy of America are entrusted to all, and come alive each time people vote, or volunteer, or solve problems together civilly and responsibly.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Freedoms Foundation guiding light for two decades, said: “We all have a great mission, to teach our children, our neighbors and even ourselves … what a wonderful thing patriotic citizenship really is … and to do it with our hearts, our heads, and our pocketbooks.”